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Fossett's new look cat hits the water in Southampton

Monday November 27th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
It was big before, now it's hugeSteve Fossett's maxi-cat leapt out of the Green Marine Boatyard sheds and into the water on Monday 27th November, after nine weeks on the rack.

The stretched PlayStation is now topping the overall length charts for The Race at 125 feet or 38 m. At first glance the bows have been given plenty of reserve buoyancy for those 'down the mine' moments, with a profile that wouldn't embarrass a ski jump ramp.

By the afternoon the rudders and centreboards had been added, and the next stage is to move the boat to Empress Dock, where the mast will be stepped, the boat rigged and sails attached. PlayStation has a new suit of Cuben Fibre sails to test, and they hope to be out on the water for Thursday 30th November. Departure from England to the Med for the start of The Race is intended on the 3rd or 4th December.

PlayStation about to hit the water With Team Philips still quietly undergoing sea trials from Dartmouth, and all three of the Ollier boats - Club Med, Code One and Team Adventure - sailing, there are now five boats in the water for The Race.

After a recent offshore trial, Code One skipper Loick Peyron has requested that Race organiser, Bruno Peyron, reduce the length of the qualifying course, or allow them to just sail to the Mediterranean for the start.

The Race website reported co-skipper Skip Novak as saying, "Setting out on a 2,500-mile voyage would be a handicap. Furthermore, looking at the weather forecast for the beginning of the week, we would be sailing right into the wind. Apart from being very tough on boat and crew, the qualifying course would prevent us from testing the boat under different sailing conditions. And that’s what we are looking for right now." They will continue to day-sail while Loïck Peyron waits for his brother's decision.

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