BT Global Challenge - Leg 2 - 6th November

madforsailing's diary writer, Andy Magrath, catches us up with progress on LG FLATRON
madforsailing is following the BT Global Challenge through the diary of Andy Magrath, a crewman aboard LG FLATRON. With the Doldrums behind them, Andy has been busy with that time-honoured ritual - crossing the Equator. Andy Magrath LG FLATRON, Monday 6th November; We are still trying to get round Capo Branco (eastern tip of Brazil). What is it about sailing that means that you always end up tacking round headlands! Even if this one is the coast of South America rather than Portland Bill. We managed to get through the Doldrums unscathed without losing the wind or our lead. But it has left us with a struggle to get round this bit of Brazil that's seriously in our way. On starboard tack we are heading at about 080 degrees, while on port tack we are doing around 200 - I wouldn't call either of these favourable given our present position - where we need to go south! We are still in first place but some of the boats have got better angles round the Cape than us. This will be an important turning mark, we will see where we are once we're round. After this corner it's pretty much a straight line to Buenos Aires, as long as we are near the front hopefully we can do well. We are trimming the boat constantly - as ever - and have integrated our new leggers into the art successfully. The ride to BA should give us some great downwind sailing with some fast spinnaker work. It has been a relentless slog to windward so far, and it would give us all a break to have the boat a bit flatter. The weather is also seriously hotting up. We cannot open the hatches as there is still quite a lot of water coming over