The Race rig debate continues

Bullimore rig in construction at Carbospars - but what about the Team Philips rig they didn't build?
Carbospars have been working flat out to complete the mast for Tony Bullimore's maxi-cat, the newly sponsored Team Legato. Built in high modulus carbon from a laser-cut MDF mould in their Hamble workshops, the 33 m rig has been built in four weeks to date, with the anticipation that it will be completed by the 25th November. The next stage is to transport the mast to Bristol, where it will be stepped on the Nigel Irens revamped boat. Carbospars have a long association with the maxi-cat, going back to its Jules Verne record breaking days under Peter Blake and Robin Knox-Johnston as ENZA - for which they also built the mast. Production Manager, John Hodgart, explained to madforsailing that their prior design knowledge of crucial areas like the shroud base had allowed them to respond very quickly to the construction order, only confirmed when Bullimore got his sponsorship money. The project isn't over yet either, Carbospars still have to build the prodder and the boom, the former being required to step the mast. But just as interesting as the rig they are building for Tony Bullimore, is the rig they didn't build for Pete Goss. The initial concept of Goss' wavepiercer included two AeroRigs. When asked about this, Carbospars MD Damon Roberts is cagey, 'We don't really want to comment. The only point I would like to make is that the technology for this kind of free-standing mast is no longer cutting edge, the rigs are already in existence. There is nothing ground-breaking about that aspect of what they are doing. 'We've built a free-standing, rotating AeroRig for a seventy ton cruising yacht that was very similar in proportions to the Team Philips masts, Jaquelina's rig carries 284 square metres of sail and is 38 metres high. I would say that