BT Global Challenge - Leg 2 - 10th November

madforsailing's diary writer, Andy Magrath, has had another busy watch
madforsailing is following the BT Global Challenge through the diary of Andy Magrath, a crewman aboard LG FLATRON - he's been having a whale of a time. Andy Magrath LG FLATRON, Friday 10th November; 'The watch from 1400-2000 hours on Wednesday - another one to remember. The one thing that we are all learning is that the ocean and the weather will never let you rest, especially when you are yacht racing and trying to get the most out of all weather conditions - calm or storm. We had been expecting a weather system for 12 hours - a wind shift to the north, and then the east and a full 35 knots expected. We came on watch with sunny skies and 15-20 knots of wind, the heavy spinnaker up and full main powering us along. There were dark clouds ahead and the call went up that we were to drop the kite. I'm the bowman, so whenever the spinnaker is up, I always wear my climbing harness and stay armed with the spike - and because of the good weather the only other garment I was wearing were my swimming shorts. Same old story, up to the end of the pole, arms getting a bit tired by now, and down with the kite. Just in time as within 20 minutes we were in 30 knots of wind with the seas building. With full main and staysail we were doing ten-12 knots. The headsail was hanked on to the forestay ready to go - but we didn't need it up on the bow any more. Water was crashing over the boat, but it was wonderfully warm to make up for the cold rain. Dickon was on the helm - that was a godsend, because he often works on the bow, he also works