BT Global Challenge - VERITAS protest decision

The illicit email protest is finally over

Wednesday November 29th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Back at the beginning of November, there was a bit of a kefluffle amongst the BT Global Challenge racers, when VERITAS received an email with some pretty concrete sounding strategy advice. This was in contravention of the rules that forbid outside assistance.

But the boats can't control what's sent to them by email, and so the Challenge rules had instructed the skippers on what to do in such an event. They were to send the email on to the race office, who would then forward it to the rest of the competitors, so that any benefit was quickly nullified. That's just what VERITAS skipper Will Carnegie did.

Unfortunately, the email arrived in the middle of the night and race officials didn't forward it to the rest of the fleet until the morning. Compaq subsequently protested VERITAS for the perceived advantage that they'd had during those lapsed hours, complaining that the boat had indeed benefited.

It's taken a couple of weeks of analysis after the end of Leg 2 for the International Jury to make a decision, which included assessment of the track that VERITAS had taken. But finally the protest has been dismissed, the Jury deciding that the team had acted properly in accordance with the sailing instructions, in the handling of the information.

Full story on the BT Challenge website .

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