BT Global Challengers protest VERITAS over rogue email

Race HQ agrees skipper has stuck to the rules

Thursday November 2nd 2000, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
BT Global Challenge boat VERITAS is caught up in a storm - over a personal email sent to one of the crew members that also included detailed tactical advice about how to break through the doldrums.

Despite VERITAS skipper Will Carnegie passing on the offending information to race headquarters at the earliest opportunity, two other competitors, Compaq and Isle of Man, have lodged protests against their rival. They have argued that there was a long delay in relaying the information on to the rest of the fleet, and accused VERITAS of altering course to take advantage of their allegedly privileged information.

Their claim is apparently backed up by the fact that VERITAS has moved from the back of the fleet up into third place. But Carnegie contends that it has long been his strategy to remain east of the bulk of the fleet, and a plot of his route over the last few days supports his claim.

Race headquarters manager John Keating said Carnegie had kept fully to the regulations by passing the information directly back to the Race HQ. Keating admitted the problem of delayed information had arisen because Carnegie’s email came into the Race HQ around midnight.

Class captain Andrew Roberts didn’t see it until he came into the office the following morning, at which point he relayed it on to the rest of the fleet immediately - but still some hours after it had come from VERITAS.

The unfortunate VERITAS team must now await the decision of the International Jury.

According to the BT Global Challenge website the positions and distances to the finish for the top six at 1200 GMT on Thursday 2nd November, were as follows:

1 LG FLATRON 2797 nm
2 Olympic Group 2901 nm
3 VERITAS 2904 nm
4 Compaq 2908 nm
5 Save the Children 2926 nm
6 BP 2928 nm

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