Vendee Globe - 1230 - 11/12/00

Mark Chisnell reports as Desjoyeaux moves into the lead

Monday December 11th 2000, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Weather at 0300, 11/12/00

Looking at the bigger weather picture (above) it seems that things will remain tricky for the leaders. There is another nodule of low pressure in front of Desjoyeaux and Jourdain, and it looks like they need to gybe north again, to stay out of the headwinds to their south-east.

Weather at 0000, 14/12/00This general pattern of two low pressure areas with high pressure separating them will stick around for a while, the eastern low strengthening, while the whole lot drifts slowly east. On the midnight Thursday, 14/12/00 forecast (left) we can see that the best breeze is going to remain above 42S, while below it there's a shifting minefield of light air and headwinds to be negotiated.

The problem for the leaders is that they have to negotiate this lot ahead of the pack, who are still in really good breeze, moving fast on the north-eastern flank of that low pressure, bringing the good breeze with them and closing the race right back up while they do it. It's going to remain interesting right through this week ...
Map images courtesy of Virtual Spectator, click here to go to the VS site.

Please note that two different methods of calculating the Distance to Finish are being used, one by Virtual Spectator and one by the Vendee Globe Race Office, we will try to always make it clear which we are using!

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