BT Global Challenge - Leg 2 - 13th November

madforsailing's two diary writers have both reported in
madforsailing is following the BT Global Challenge through the diaries of Conrad Humphreys (skipper) and Andy Magrath (crewman) aboard LG FLATRON. We've not heard much from Conrad this leg, but still, they are leading by 137 miles with 538 to go ... so we'll forgive him. Conrad Humphreys, LG FLATRON, Saturday 11th November; 'Yesterday, memories of Leg 1 flashed back as we dropped the mainsail to inspect the damage to the batten cars. On Leg 1 we were 1200 miles from Boston, when we sailed into a wind hole that didn't seem to exist on the weather charts - we stopped for four hours and went backwards in the current of the Gulf Stream. On that occasion we lost the lead to Quadstone and BP. On this occasion we also had 1200 miles to the finish, with a hundred mile lead on the fleet. But a day without a mainsail would see that lead slashed, especially with the period of light air that's forecast ahead of us. We are all very aware that our position is vulnerable from such a competitive chasing pack. We had just fought for 36 hours with a nasty depression spawned off the Brazilian coast, bringing 45 knots from the east and three to four metre waves, Team LG have throttled back a little to avoid breakages. The last thing we wanted at this moment was damage to the mainsail. Once inspected the problem was a simple one. Two of the stainless D plates that secure the mainsail battens to the sliders on the mast track had worked undone and disappeared during the night. We carry one spare. I looked at Bob, who’s face showed little emotion as we talked through how to make a lasting repair. The mainsail had been down for two hours, the trisail was putting