Hugh Styles - a madforsailing profile

Britain's Tornado representative at the 2000 Olympics
Where were you born? Dover in Kent. What's your date of birth? 25th June 1974. What age did you start sailing? 6 years old. What was your first regatta win? The Kent Schools Sailing Association championship. What's your biggest championship win? The 1997 Laser European Championships at Cascais in Portugal. Any other notable regatta wins you'd like to mention? 6th Sydney Olympics 2000, in the Tornado. 1st British Olympic Tornado Trials 2000. 4th Spa Regatta 2000. 5th Tornado European Championships 2000. 8th Tornado World Championships 2000. 1st Torbole Tornado Trophy 1999. 8th Hyeres Eurolymp Regatta Tornado 1998. 5th Laser World Championships 1997. 2nd Laser Nationals 1997. 1st National Match Racing Championship 1996. 2nd Olympic Trials Laser 1995. 3rd Laser European Championships 1995. 3rd Kiel Eurolymp Regatta 1995. World Student Yachting Champion 1994. Where did you grow up? Sandwich in Kent. What job do you do? Aeronautical engineer at BAe Systems. If you weren't doing the job you are, what would you be doing instead? Public relations and media or tv commentary. What other sports do you do outside sailing? Fitness training, football, cycling. Any other hobbies or interests? Socialising with my old university friends back in Portsmouth Favourite method of relaxing? Beers and or getting a massage. Favourite bar or pub? Any that will have me. What inspired you to take up sailing? My father putting me in a boat at the age of 6 and pushing me off the beach. Where was your first sailing club? Downs Sailing Club Which class did you first race in? Enterprises - crewing for my father and then Toppers individually. How did you buy your first boat? With help from my folks at age 11. Have you ever used a coach? A number of coaches, while Laser sailing and then during this Tornado campaign we used a variety of different coaches to make up for our lack of experience in the class. Do you have any professional links to the sport? I have sailed on big boats professionally in the past, and there are a number of opportunities