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Protect your radio, camera, mobile phone while on the water

Thursday January 11th 2001, Author: Gerald New, Location: United Kingdom
With so many electronic gadgets becoming essential to take with you when you go afloat, waterproof protection them has become a priority.

Aquapac PDA caseAquapac at stand 285B have some new cases and several improved models in their range for 2001.

The existing PDA case, now called the classic, is available with a flap to form a wallet and protect the screen, the classic version is still available.

A new case has also been introduced for the smaller mobile phones now available and these, as with the existing sizes, allow you to talk with the phone safely sealed within the case. They are available with fully adjustable shoulder straps.

For the Audio cases a new waterproof 'TC' clip now allows headphone wires to be connected while the unit remains protected.

Aquapac Digital Camers CaseCameras, mobile phones, CD players, radios, PDA's, maps and so on, the amount of portable equipment seems endless but Aquapac have cases and bags for most requirements.

All their cases are claimed to be 100% waterproof and are BSi tested for temporary immersion to 10m (33ft) and most for continuous immersion at 10m. They will also float with your unit inside.

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