Warta takes Pole position

Andy Rice reports as Roman Paszke overtakes Tony Bullimore in the wacky races

Thursday April 5th 2001, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
Warta-Polpharma overhauled Team Legato early on Thursday morning, as Tony Bullimore continued to make slow progress towards Las Palmas for his pit-stop.
Light winds over night delayed his predicted arrival by 12 hours and Bullimore did not expect to reach Las Palmas until dusk on Thursday evening.

"It's very frustrating but we can only sail with the winds we are given, at times yesterday they were down to 2-3 knots," the frustrated skipper confirmed.

In Las Palmas shore manager Barry Pickthall lined up a team to repair Team Legato's mast as soon as she arrives.

The local Yacht Club, 'Real Nautica' is providing rubber boats, and the mobile crane is on stand by. Between them, Pedro 'no problem' the marine manager and Juan 'Mr fix it' Martin the commercial director at the port have an army of specialist ready to lend a hand.

Ron Hansford the engineer from CarboSpars has arrived with the replacement ball joint and although the airline has lost his tool bag and he has gone out to buy replacement tools.

"With luck we should be able to get the repairs done within 4 hours - all we need is the boat," said Pickthall.

Positions at 07:00 GMT 5/4/01

1. Club Med Finished Marseilles 19:56GMT 3.03.01
2. Innovation Explorer Finished Marseilles 11:32GMT 6.03.01
3. Team Adventure Finished Marseilles 09:30GMT 24.03.01
4. Warta Polpharma 1,462 miles to Marseilles
5. Team Legato +21miles behind Warta Polpharma
6. PlayStation - RETIRED 14.01

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