Club Med takes the lead

Club Med sailed 526 miles during the night to take the lead of The Race

Sunday January 7th 2001, Author: The Race Press Office, Location: United Kingdom
There has been a change of leader in the night in The Race.
Club Med has taken the lead and covered 526 miles in the last 24 hours, almost 1000 km with a perfectly straight course "just like ski tracks" commented Denis Horeau.

After these last 36 hours 'schuss' down in the trade winds, the three leaders must get into position today for the notorious crossing of the Doldrums, which they should reach by tomorrow morning.

Statistically, the most favourable passage through the Doldrums is found between 25° and 30° longitude W, so the competitors in The Race have barely a day left to position themselves in front of this ideal window, unless perhaps the giants open up a new way to the East?

Should the three leaders be tracking off to the West? That¹s just what Loïck Peyron was first to do, by gybing in the night as he announced he would during the midday chat session yesterday "I know we are going to loose ground within the next 24 hours, but we need to get in some westing, there's no way to escape it."

Yesterday, of the three leaders, it was Loïck Peyron who was sailing the closest to the African coast.

PlayStation has passed between Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria, and is starting her descent in the trade winds whilst Warta-Polpharma, faithful to her habits has passed further East, between Lanzarote and the African coast.

Weather forecast:

Wind from the NE 15 knots for the 3 leading boats, falling to the SE of the Cape Verde Islands, 20 knots for the two others located North of the Cape Verde Islands.

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