Eligibility Code problems to be sorted

ISAF's Paul Henderson reveals his frustration at the deluge of criticism of the new Code, Andy Rice reports

Friday February 2nd 2001, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
ISAF president Paul 'The Pope' Henderson has clearly got hot under the collar over the uproar surrounding the new ISAF Eligibility Code, which came into effect on 1 January 2001.

The problem with the Code is that it requires anyone who ever takes part in an official sailing race to be a member of their national authority - the RYA in the case of Britain. This works in the vast majority of cases but not for the casual sailor who is out on a corporate freeby or whose only involvement with racing during the year is at Cowes Week.

Following a deluge of protest against the Code, ISAF is holding a committee meeting in Ireland this month, where it is hoped they will resolve this glitch in the Code to everybody's satisfaction. Below is an excerpt from Paul Henderson's recent article in Making Waves, the official ISAF newsletter.

"With regard to the ISAF Eligibility Code it is now obvious that various jurisdictions want it clearly stated how the relevant authority decides who can compete at the entry level or in local events. This will be carried out by putting the responsibility on how it is is be handled for this level on the shoulders of the relevant MNAs [member national authorities]. Until it is clarified ISAF will have to accept the paranoia of those who read some conspiracy into the work of ISAF."

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