The Race - 1230 - 11/1/01

Mark Chisnell reports as Club Med edges further ahead

Thursday January 11th 2001, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Grant Dalton and Club Med (light blue) have eked a few more miles out of the slender lead that they held yesterday, by late last night it was pushing up towards 40 nm and this morning Dalts had managed to grab another handful of miles from Cam Lewis and Team Adventure (orange). This is despite Dalton's earlier protestations that he expected to be slow on this section and that Team Adventure would fly right by.

Fleet at 0700, 11/1/01

We can see from the image (above) that Dalton and Lewis have maintained their neck and neck chase down the Atlantic. Team Adventure has continued to open out the leverage by sailing a little lower and - in theory - faster, but he's still losing. That may be as much because the ranking's are calculated to a position to the south-east, and Dalton is sailing closer to that course. But it still looks like Club Med is further south, and that's more likely to count in the race to the Southern Ocean.

Both these boats are easing across the bows of Loick Peyron and Innovation Explorer (green), and that will bring an end to the bold French move to the west prior to the Doldrums crossing. As we discussed a couple of days ago, the easterly position is really paying off for Dalts and Lewis now they are in the south-east trades - and Innovation Explorer was all the way back to 248 miles behind Club Med by 1100 GMT this morning.

Weather at 0700, 11/1/01

From here it's going to be a boat speed race for a while, in the weather picture above we can see the South Atlantic or St Helena High is still ruling the roost, and the target remains that narrow strip of northerly breeze running down its western edge.

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