The Race - 0930 - 14/2/01

Mark Chisnell reports as Club Med hit the high

Wednesday February 14th 2001, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Fleet at 0700, 14/2/01

Life remains utterly miserable aboard Team Adventure (orange) as Cam Lewis' crew stew in their high pressure juices, trapped with Warta Polpharma (orange) bearing down on them. There is little that Lewis can do, the Poles are now only just over 500 miles behind, and have a perfect weather set-up for chasing Team Adventure into Cook Strait.

Weather at 0818, 15/2/01We can see from the forecast for Thursday morning (right) that the breeze will reach Lewis eventually, but by then the Poles should be less than a day's run behind.

If they get the breaks through the Cook Strait, as Lewis stops for his 60 hour repair, Warta Polpharma could take a two day lead into the Pacific.

If Lewis can hold his boat together for the second half of the race that won't be anywhere near enough to stay in front to the finish - look how far ahead Dalton and Peyron are - but it'll give the Team Adventure boys something to chase for, now the real race has moved on into the Atlantic.

Tony Bullimore and Team Legato (purple) are still hanging on to that same low pressure, and should have the full sling-shot effect into Cook Stait. Can they beat Team Adventure out of the pit lane?

Standings (at 0700 GMT, 14/2/01)

1 Club Med 5656.2 nm to the finish
2 Innovation Explorer +945.3 nm
3 Team Adventure +5935.5 nm
4 Warta Polpharma +6512.8 nm
5 Team Legato +7318.5 nm

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