Typhoon focuses on club sailors

The wetsuit and drysuit manufacturer is backing the Fireball and Ent circuits this year

Tuesday February 13th 2001, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
In these days of all-singing, asymmetric classes, you might wonder why wetsuit and drysuit manufacturer Typhoon International would want to concentrate on sponsoring older boats like the Fireball and Enterprise.

"We wanted to focus on the grass roots sailors," said Lesley di Fonzo, who handles PR and promotion for the company. "The Enterprise appeals to people mainly at the club level, and covers a wide range of abilities in the sailing world. We chose it because of the size of the class and because it covers most areas in the country."

Typhoon has decided to support the Ents with a series of five grand prix events around the country. It has taken a similar approach with the Fireballs, for which a four-event Super Series is organised. "We wanted to support the Fireball because the top 20 sailors in that class are usually top sailors from other classes too," di Fonzo told madforsailing. It is a good way of spreading the word about Typhoon beyond the Fireball class itself.

But with both sponsored series, Typhoon is keen to spread the prizes across all levels of the fleet. "The top 20 Fireballs go into a Gold fleet, but we are going to distribute the prizes more evenly across the fleet, so that anyone has a chance of winning a drysuit, not just the winner on the water."

Typhoon has revamped much of its clothing range, and the new products will form the basis of the prizes for the events. The new Racer drysuit, which retails at around £300, will be the most valuable prize, followed by the new Ultra wetsuit, the Alpha drytop and Regatta boots.

Planned dates for the Typhoon Fireball Super Series 2001 are:
1 Grafham Water SC, 21st/22nd April
2 Exe SC, 26th/27th May
3 Shoreham SC, 23rd/24th June
4 Pitsford SC, 3rd/4th November

Planned dates for the Typhoon Enterprise Grand Prix 2001 are:
1 Burghfield SC 28th/29th April
2 Notts County SC 12th/13th May
3 Tynemouth SC 21st/22nd July
4 St Marys Loch SC 25th/26th August
5 Draycote water SC 6th/7th October

Contact: Bob Southworth to find out more or to enter, on 02380 456977 or by email.

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