Sailing banned in Ireland

The foot and mouth crisis has prompted the Irish government to cancel all sporting events, including sailing

Friday March 9th 2001, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
The Irish government has cancelled all sporting events, due to the foot and mouth crisis. The RYA said on its website: "No sailing may take place in the waters of the Republic of Ireland - both tidal and inland waters."

At Datchet Water SC in west London, members queued up to be disinfected and then retrieve their boats which they have been unable to reach for almost the last fortnight. Assorted craft, including a number of large catamarans and 49ers, were packed up and hauled out of the club premises within the three-hour window. Anyone who has a boat remaining in Datchet's grounds will now have to wait until Thames Water clears the reservoir as safe.

One committee member told madforsailing: "Thames Water are carrying out an assessment of all their reservoirs, and we will just have to wait for them to get round to us."

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