The Race - 1330 - 6/2/01

Mark Chisnell reports as Innovation Explorer gets set for a mauling

Tuesday February 6th 2001, Author: Mark Chisnell, Location: United Kingdom
Loick Peyron and Innovation Explorer (green) have been making all the gains in the last 24 hours, the gap to leader Grant Dalton and his Club Med (light blue) crew is down to just under 600 miles - a day's run in good conditions.

So far Peyron and his team have avoided the worst conditions associated with the gnarly low pressure that had them targeted yesterday - but the chart for this morning (below), shows that it's still out there. The Innovation Explorer crew were battening down the hatches for a blow last night, the worst they had seen so far, according to Skip Novak.

Leaders at 0700, 6/2/01

Club Med have the opposite problem, they are traversing the ridge of high pressure and lighter air poking down between the two low pressure systems. They've had to pull up from their dive to the south, the wind is even worse down there, the best breeze being both ahead and behind them.

Weather at 1630, 7/2/01It's going to be interesting to see whether Club Med can catch the depression in front. At the moment Dalton's boat is moving quicker than the weather systems, and has outrun the low pressure that they were riding on.

But looking at the forecast for Wednesday evening (right), these systems are going to get a bit more pace on as they travel east.

Whatever, Dalton doesn't want to remain stuck between these two systems, in the high pressure ridge with the brakes on and Peyron once again grinding down his lead. Knowing Dalton, it will be little consolation that the 1100 GMT reports put the distance to go into four figures (9581 nm).

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