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Saturday March 30th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
0722 GMT 30 March

Last night the sea opened up and for the first time in the south we were able to stride into the 30 knots of boat speed range without stress. We did a nose dive just before dark last night but no injuries this time....think we are all listening harder to the harmonics from hull and appendages and are more in tune to speed below by sound and know when to brace ourselves for the sudden stop. Quite a sight actually. Saw it out of the corner of my eye, two waves slapped together and we just launched and landed bow first at about 28kts. Explosion of spray engulfed the whole boat.

Am nursing a badly bloodshot eye from being flicked by the storm jib sheet two nights ago while trying to drop it. My eye looks worse than it feels but feels a bit dry after steering and concentrating for a while. Had a 'shocker' last night, tore a sealed seam in my wet gear pants and got soaked. I'm now sporting a bright yellow dry-suit, hope it's the fashion colour for April.

Sailing under thick dark marine layer with the occasional hail squall. Opting for the South in current weather choices which will mean colder conditions but shorter distance to the Horn.

cheers Nick

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