50 knot barrier?

Macquarie Innovation go on standby for another attempt at the world speed record over 500m

Tuesday September 24th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Australasia
Down in Australia the Macquarie Innovation team are once again on standby to make an attempt on the world speed record over a measure 0.5 km.

The team who have in the past been responsible for record breakers such as Yellow Pages and a series of C-class Little America's Cup catamarans have informed the World Sailing Speed Record Council that they will be on standby for 28 days between 25 October and 4 December to get suitable conditions and the right tidal conditions.

Earlier this year the team went on stand by but the correct conditions failed to materialise. They say they will use the same technique for measuring the distance - a video camera mounted on board the boat run in conjunction with a GPS system.

As always, the attempts will be carried out at Sandy Point, Victoria and, if they have time the team intend to try and break different class records sailing with rigs of different sizes.

The WSSRC have also ratified Maiden 2's Around Britain and Ireland record:

Yacht: Maiden II
Owned by: Tracy Edwards
Sailed by: Brian Thompson, Helena Darvelid and a crew of 12
Dates: 5th September to 10th September 2002.
Elapsed Time: 4 days 17 hours 4 minutes 23 seconds

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