Ross Field comments...

The News Corp co-skipper gives his thoughts on the Volvo Ocean Race
Q: Two new crewmembers from other campaigns, can you explain how that happened? Ross Field: It's fantastic to have Matt on board, it's actually worked out perfectly for us. I've done a lot of sailing with Matt, and he sailed with me a long, long time. I certainly enjoy his company and he's a very talented sailor. When we heard he had left SEB, I thought 'here is an opportunity', because Scotty had decided to leave us temporarily, because he's got family issues, has got a young family he wants to spend time with and I can understand this. I've sailed with Scotty for many, many years as well, so it slotted in very, very nicely. It's fantastic to have Matt onboard. And then djuice was the other one, with Spike, and out of the blue, Spike actually just approached us and said, 'look, I'd really like to go sailing with you guys', so we decided to bring him onboard. There was a gap there, because Nick had stepped aside - Nick is on the shore side, he's working for us on the shore side. Nick is also working for Stars and Stripes, which is fantastic for us, because he can bring a lot more to our campaign. So, those are the changes and it's actually been quite surprising. It's been an eye-opener to us, both in Auckland and here, about the approaches we had from other team members. So obviously, we must be doing something right and hopefully we will get this result right this time. Q: I imagine, when Matt Humphries became available, if you like, that something of a race might have started for his services - a man who's been around the world. Were you particularly glad to have him aboard News Corp ? RF: Yes, I am very happy.