Controversy in Thailand

As many illegal boards discovered prior to start of Mistral Worlds

Sunday December 8th 2002, Author: Sasha Oswald, Location: Australasia
Controversy surrounded the first day of the Mistral World Championships, preventing racing from getting underway.

Boards belonging to more than 40 riders were found to not meet the International Windsurfing Association (IWA) regulations, forcing the start of the championships to be postponed.

IWA officials, led by chief measurer Bill Joselin, ruled that the offending competitors had over-adjusted their boards. The IWA's decision resulted in a string of protests being lodged, with competitors claiming the measurement officials had got it wrong.

Patis Waiwong, Secretary General of the Windsurfing Association of Thailand, commented, "we found that the cases are almost similar, that is, the competitors rubbed the surface under the board. Doing that will make the board lighter and help increase speed when being ridden over waves."

It is hoped that racing will get underway tomorrow with the protest hearings over measurement being held at a later date.

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