New record for Orange

The maxi catamaran is fastest from Ushant to Cape of Good Hope

Thursday March 21st 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
DAY 19 Lat Long Distance over last 24 hrs Distance from start Speed average last 24 hours Instant speed
ORANGE 36.10S 20.45W 484.52 m 8,119.53 m 22.11 kn 23 kn
SPORT ELEC 41.19S 05.20W 334,6 m 6,025.89m 18.25 kn nc
  Weather on 21 March

At 0216GMT this morning Orange passed the same longitude as the Cape of Good Hope and in doing so managed to break ENZA New Zealand's record for this passage. They are currently between two weather systems with an almighty depression approaching them from the west.

From on board Orange Nick Moloney writes: It appears that the low that has been hunting us has slowed a little as we should have already seen its fury. We have not escaped and should be sailing in 40 kts tonight. We are awaiting the wind to shift left a little more then we will gybe onto a course that will place us deeper South. There's a fine line....The closer you skirt Antarctica the shorter the distance to Cape Horn. But there is alot of Ice about and we hope to minimise the risk of a possible collision for as long as possible.

Looks like we will hang onto some nice strong winds after this storm passes in the next 24 hours. May even hang for long enough to 'sling shot' us half the way to Australia which is now about 4000 miles away.

We have been sleeping and eating well and all feel pretty good. The comfort level should change dramatically though over the next few days as the ride gets wetter and the sea and air temp get colder.

So Far, So good.....I am very happy with progress so far but we are only about 1/3rd of the way.


Crewman Ronan le Goff on the boom

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