Orange mast restepped

Saturday departure still on the cards for Bruno Peyron's maxi-catamaran

Friday March 1st 2002, Author: Orange, Location: France
The maxi-catamaran Orange's capshrouds and shrouds, which the team were still waiting yesterday morning to have returned from the USA, have now arrived in France and have cleared customs. Philippe Péché and Vladimir Dzalba Lyndis were yesterday afternoon dispatched to Paris to collect them and last night were on their way back to Vannes with their precious load!

This means the plan to restep the mast on Orange will go ahead as planned at 0800 this morning at the Multiplast yard in Vannes. Once the boat is rerigged - a relatively simple process - the plan is for the boat to leave at 1800 today on the tide, to position herself off Ushant with a view to crossing the line between 0800 and 1400 on Saturday, 2 March.

Gilles Chiorri, boat captain and navigator confirmed this afternoon that there is a suitable weather window on Saturday morning, even describing it as "more comfortable and more wide ranging in time" than the system which they made their first start on.

As a result timewise there will be more room for Orange's crew to manoeuvre than initially expected for crossing the Jules Verne Trophy start line off the island of Ushant. However it will be trickier to negotiate the narrow corridor of wind that will shoot them south, compared to the conditions experienced by Olivier de Kersauson and Geronimo. "We must be responsive and opportunist on the water to get the best out of this weather system," commented Chiorri.

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