Percy's piece

The Finn Gold medallist reports on his progress in the Star from Miami
Percy and Mitchell hard at work in the Star Have you missed me? All right, all right, I guess not. Well I haven't written an article for a while because I’ve been snowed under trying to sort out my Star campaign, sorting out the sailing programme, the funding, and the body. I am now sitting in Miami just beginning a three-week training and competition period, which is effectively the real start of our assault on Athens. It's 30 degrees and sunny, but don't get too jealous - there's no wind! We are based out of Coral Reef Yacht Club, a typically grand American club where Sunday lunch rather than Sunday racing is the weekly highlight. We got some seriously disapproving looks when we rolled out the sails on the front lawn during a posh wedding reception. I thought it would give a more authentic nautical feel, but the happy couple didn't agree. Fortunately though for the first time in my sailing career it is not just me that gets a ticking off by grumpy yacht club managers - definitely an advantage of double handed sailing - but I've found many others. I'm sailing with a guy who will be known to many in the UK, Steve Mitchell. He has sailed many boats from skiffs to Etchells and big boats, having success at all levels. He's a little older than me, having worked for a number of years in the flower trade, but he's no pansy - coming in at 6ft 5in and 100+ kg. The main advantage for me has been the inherent gains from specialisation and divided labour - or in Steve's words, him having to cover for my useless arse. For whatever reason though, it does seem that 2 > 2 x 1, when we concentrate on different