Roll on Auckland

It's all over bar the shouting for Assa Abloy

Thursday January 3rd 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Australasia

Assa Abloy powers towards Auckland

That Assa Abloy have managed to gain and then retain the lead seems something of a miracle given the state of their crew. The cramped space down below on the golden boat has it seems become more like a casualty ward.

Watching the stream of casualties passing his navigation station, Assa Abloy's navigator, Mark Rudiger has watched in awe as Klas 'Klabbe' Nylof, takes on the role of ship's medic.

"First, Magnus took a bad fall coming into Hobart and injured his back and ribs. He has been confined to duties below deck, which has been a huge help for us always having food and hot drinks, as well as helping me in the Nav station.

Then Jason suddenly started to go into shock and Dr. Nylof had him in his arms back near me in the nav-station monitoring his pulse with one hand while reading the medical book and talking calmly to him trying to keep him from hyper-ventilating and further deterioration. Initially it seemed he was suffering from food poisoning and dehydration along with exhaustion from pushing so hard racing to Hobart. Now it seems more like possible kidney stone along with some internal infection. He has stabilized now, but is still confined to his bunk with Klabbe keeping a careful eye on him.

Thirdly, then Guillermo was complaining of lower stomach pain and think may have left over an urine infection and Dr. Nylof, reporting to bunk no. 7 has been helping him as well.

Last night, as he was getting ready to give Jason an antibiotic injection, the call came from deck for a sail change, Dr. Nylof had to become Klabbe the pitman putting on his foulies [sailing cloth], to return 15 minutes later to finish giving Jason his shot.

If I had to pick an outstanding sailor for this leg it would be Dr. Nylof.

Right in there with Klabbe, is Mikey Joubert. With Jason down since Hobart, Mikey has had to do double duty as bowman in addition to his already tough watch. But always with a smile, you can wake Mikey anytime. He would rather have it that way than have someone else get his halyards crossed or whatever.

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