Sam Davies diary

Mini Transat sailor, turned Yngling bow reports on their progress from Miami
I started 2002 off in Miami, with Shirley Robertson and Inga Leask in our Yngling. It is a bit of a jump, from offshore racing in the Mini Transat last year to Olympic sailing in the Yngling this year. Races are now 5, not 5,000 miles. There are three crew, not just me. There is no GPS, VHF or kettle on board our Yngling! You finish every day before dark (usually!) and get a nice meal, a shower and proper bed every night! Olympic sailing sounds very glamorous - training in Miami during the winter months while your friends and family are battered by the winter gales and rain in the UK - but in reality we are working so hard that the pleasures of the venue never get appreciated. Our general training day starts at 0600 or 0630 in the gym. We each have an individual fitness program, based on our position and requirements within the boat. There is a weight limit (205kg) so we have target weights to reach or maintain, but also we need to be physically fit, with strength in specific areas. Our programs have been designed by Pete Cunningham and Matt Scott and they are also working on our nutrition. We get breakfast at 0900, then it is down to the boat to meet our training partners and coach. There we make a plan on shore of our goals for the day, specific exercises each team wants to do. The weather forecast is analysed, as if it were a race day, so that we can continually learn about the local conditions and build our knowledge for when we actually race here. We have been doing a lot of tuning. There is so much to be learnt with these boats as they are new to the Olympic level (of