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A host of Olympic medallists and former world champions expected for Worlds in LA

Saturday July 27th 2002, Author: Rich Roberts, Location: United States
114 entries are lining up for the Nautica 2002 Star Class World Championship, and every 10th boat will be sailed by a champion of the world's most prestigeous one-design class.

Sweden's Fredrik Loof, the 2001 winner at Medemblik, The Netherlands, and 10 other winners of 15 Star class Worlds, plus four of the last five Olympic gold medallists, are among the entries. The August 18-23 regatta on Santa Monica Bay fronting West L.A. will be hosted and organised by the California Yacht Club.

Loof, with crew Anders Ekstrom, is already tuning up in local fleet competition and will sail in the annual King of Spain Regatta 10-11 August, along with other early arrivals.

Mark Reynolds from San Diego also figures heavily among the favourites with world titles in 2000 and 1995 and gold medals at Sydney in 2000 and Barcelona in '92 - the only Star sailor since Italy's Agostino Straulino in 1952 to win a Star Worlds and an Olympic gold medal in the same year.

"It was a lot harder for me to win the Worlds," Reynolds said. "I think I won it on the 14th try. At the Olympics you are representing your country, which is pretty cool, and more people obviously know about the Olympics. But I'd have to say that winning the Worlds was more satisfying. Maybe it's because I come from San Diego where there have been so many world champions in the generations before me, including my dad, that made it a really nice thing to have won."

Barring withdrawals subsequent to the recent entry deadline, the entry list is the third largest in 81 Star Worlds since 1922, topped only by 129 at Punta Ala, Italy in '99 and 119 at Cannes in '91. The entries represent 26 countries in North and South America and Europe, plus Australia and New Zealand.

There are 50 entries from across the U.S., led by nine from the San Diego Bay fleet that has claimed 12 world titles. Will Reynolds enjoy an edge on familiar waters?

"No, not really," he says. "I do feel a bit at home because I know my way around and it's a bit easier place to be, but you have to keep an open mind out on the water no matter where you are sailing. I do know that this venue is a difficult one and I haven't always done particularly well here in the past."

Other world champions entered are Bill Buchan of Seattle ('61, '70 and '85), Alexander Hagen, Germany ('81 and '97), Paul Cayard, San Francisco ('88), Alan Adler, Brazil ('89); Torben Grael, Brazil ('90); Joe Londrigan, San Diego, now of Springfield, Ill. ('93); Ross Macdonald, Vancouver, B.C. ('94); Colin Beashel, Australia ('98), and Eric Doyle, San Diego ('99).

The Star class is so highly regarded that its world championship has brought five Americans the Rolex Yachtsman Of the Year Award as a bonus: Reynolds in 2000, Doyle in '99, Ed Adams in '87 and Buddy Melges in '78.

Grael and Buchan also won Olympic gold in '96 and '84, respectively. Robbie Haines of San Diego won gold in '84 but that was in the Soling class, so he had to qualify for the Worlds in the recent 5th District Championship, placing fourth behind Cayard, Howie Shiebler and Doyle. Haines will sail with his son Brian as crew.

Reynolds won his first worlds and Olympic gold and silver medals sailing with Hal Haenel as crew. He has sailed with Magnus Liljedahl since '97 after Haenel retired, and now Haenel has returned as crew for Paul Cayard, the '88 world champion.

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Entry list

Abbott Jr., Bill Town, Scott Canada Blue Star Champion - District 12
Adler, Alan Ermel, Ricardo Brazil Gold Star 1989 Star Class World Champion
Allen, Bill Lichter, Brad USA 2 Gold Chevrons
Andersen, Benny Just, Mogens Denmark Silver Star Champion and 3 Gold Chevrons
Anosov, Arthur Korolkov, Gennady Ukraine
Araujo, Gonzalo Iglesias, Marcos Spain
Beashel, Colin Giles, David Australia Gold Star 1998 Star Class World Champion
Beek, Charles Karlsson, Kent USA
Beigel-Vosbury, Barbara Lippincott, Trapper USA 3 Blue Chevrons
Bermundez de Castro Munoz, Roberto Menrrique, Domingo Spain
Brady, Gavin Keenan, Rodney New Zealand 2000 North American Champion
Braverman, Stephen Rezac, Ronald USA 3 Silver Bars
Bromby, Peter Siese, Martin Bermuda
Brown, Steve Steinberg, Steve USA
Brun, Gastao Garcia, Mario Brazil
Buchan, William Brink, Mark USA 3 Gold Stars - 1985, 1970 & 1961 Star Class World Champion and 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist - Star Class
Bucher, Hans TBD USA
Buckingham, Jim Kew, Joel USA
Bugacov, Alejandro Sotelo, Fernando Argentina
Burgess, Dennis Hume, Charlie Canada
Campbell, Argyle Bowles, Kevin USA
Cayard, Paul Haenel, Hal USA Gold Star 1988 Star Class World Champion
Celon, Nicola Natucci, Edoardo Italy
Cepurnieks, Eizens Kanskis, Eizens Latvia
Christensen, Mads Schwennesen, Soren Denmark
Clerton, Wilfrio Dohy, Ceasar France
Collins, Bert Avellon, Guy USA
Dahlberg, Marko Kurki, Ville Finland
Davidson, Jeremy Costa, Jessica USA
Diaz, Augie Finnsgard, Christian USA
Dill, Fred Wurm, Mike Canada 1 Silver Chevron
Domingos, Alfonso Santos, Bernardo Portugal
Dorgan, Mike Weintraub, Eric USA 3 Gold Bars
Dornberg, Yumio Dornberg, Ken USA
Doyle, Eric Meireles, Rodrigo USA Gold Star 1999 Star Class World Champion
Fogh, Hans Caesar, David Canada Blue Star Champion and 2 Time Star Class Masters' Champion
Foster, John Foster, John P. Virgin Islands
Freeman, James A. Freeman, Matthew S. USA Blue Star Champion
Gallo, Andrea Gallo, Giampaolo Italy
Gautschi, Christoph Seeberger, Uli Switzerland Silver Chevron
Gay, Todd Brewer, Patrick USA District 4 Champion
Gladwell, Ian Miller, Garth New Zealand Silver Star Champion
Gould, Stephen Rogers, Jon USA Blue Star Champion and 3 Silver Chevrons
Grael, Lars Schmidt Lagoa, Marco Aurelio Brazil Olympic Bronze Medalist Tornado Class 1988 and 1996
Grael, Torben Ferreira, Marcelo Brazil Gold Star - 1990 Star Class World Champion; 1996 Olympic Gold Medalist and 2000 Olympic Bronze Medalist - Star Class
Hagebols, Rodney Finlay, William USA
Hagen, Alexander Witt, Carsten Germany 2 Gold Stars 1997 & 1981 Star Class World Champion
Haines, Robbie Haines, Brian USA/td> Blue Star Champion - District 5 and 1984 Olympic Gold Medalist - Soling Class
Herrmann, Tony Raynor, Todd USA
Holm, Nicklas Leifelt, Marin Denmark
Hurst, Andrew Benehmed, Arnaud England
Ivey, Andrew Nichol, John USA Blue Star Champion and 1 Silver Chevron
Keesling, Jim Bradley, John USA
Kellerhouse, Lee Toyama, Isao USA
Kelly, Steven Holowesko, Billy Bahamas
Koch, Michael Koy, Markus Germany
Kohlhas, Jock TBD USA
Kouyoumdjian, Juan Meyer, Gabriel Argentina
Krock, Ingvar Kurbiel, Daniel Sweden
Langenhan, Claudia Baasch-Mehlen, Iris Germany
Londrigan, Joe ValderMolen, Jon USA Gold Star 1993 Star Class World Champion
Londrigan, Jr., Thomas Boeyen, Ashley USA District 4 Champion
Loof, Fredrik Ekstrom, Anders Sweden Gold Star 2001 Star Class World Champion
Lovrovic Jr., Marin Glazar, Marko Croatia Silver Chevron
Lowe, Jimmie Higgs, Andrew Bahamas
MacCausland, John A. Delaney, Sean USA Silver Star Champion
Macdonald, Ross Jespersen, Eric Canada Gold Star 1994 Star Class World Champion and 1992 Olympic Bronze Medalist - Star Class
Mansfield, Mark Collins, Killian Ireland 3 Gold Chevrons
Marazzi, Flavio Marazzi, Renato Switzerland
Merriman, Rick Bennett, Bill USA Silver Chevron
Meyer, Klaus Dretzko, Soren Germany
Miller, Foss Newhall, Greg USA
Miller, Jed Rathkopf, Charley USA Green Star Champion
Morton, Gregg Mitchell, Gary USA
Murray, Iain Palfrey, Andrew Australia
Nelson, Byron Nelson, David USA
Parada, Guillermo Peterson, Cristian Argentina Silver Star Champion
Pegel, Susie George, Tom USA Blue Star Champion - District 5 and Silver Chevron
Perce, Hyde Nevel, Chuck USA
Percy, Iain Mitchell, Steven England
Poggi, Giampiero Stilo, Giovanni Italy
Presti, Philippe Saliou, Jean Philippe France
Rasmaussen, Christian Orsted, Peter Denmark
Reynolds, Mark Liljedahl, Magnus USA 2 Gold Stars 2000 & 1995 Star Class World Champion; 2000 & 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist, and 1988 Olympic Silver Medalist - Star Class
Rickard, Jack Carlson, Bob USA District 4 Champion
Rohart, Xavier Adde, Yannick France
Schmidt, Reinhard Wolfram, Jochen Germany
Schulz, Axe Falke, Kai-Uwe Germany
Sevestre,Paul-Ambroise Berenguier, Vincent France
Shiebler, Howie Peters, Richard USA Blue Star Champion
Simoneschi, Riccardo Colaninno, Ferdinando Italy
Skipwith, Marc TBD Switzerland
Smith, Douglas Dalton, Martin USA
Spitzauer, Hans Brenner, Wolfgang Austria Blue Star Champion
Sprout, Barrett Sprout, Randy USA
Staartjes, Ben Vandenberg, Ko Netherlands 2 Silver Chevrons
Steele, Doug Schmidt, Richard USA
Stephenson, Nelson Norris, Scott USA Green Star Champion
Sustronk, Paul Wolf, Mike Canada Blue Star Champion
Swigart, William Beek, Carroll USA
Szabo, George Sperry, Austin USA Silver Star Champion
Tamburini, Antonio Ricci, Antonio Renzo Italy Silver Cheveron
Teitge, Robert TBD USA
Treacy, Maxwell Shanks, R. Anthony Ireland
Tusch, Frank Gerber, Jan Germany
Van Der Ploeg, Jose Maria Fructuoso Perez, Diego Spain
Vassilev, Nedko Erickson, Paul Bulgaria
Vessella, Peter Faith, Brian USA 3 Silver Chevrons
Virtue, John Connolly, Myles USA 3 Silver Chevrons
Walker, Ian Williams, Nick Australia
Watt, Dave Dunn, Alex USA Blue Star Champion
Weiler, Herman Breitlow, Klaus Germany 4 Silver Bars
Westerheide, Jorge Blew, Dylan Germany 4 Silver Bars
Whipple, Larry Jensen, Darin USA Gold Chevron

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