Bayer back into the yard

Problems following her build put le Peutrec's tri out for the Zeebrugge 60ft tri Grand prix

Saturday June 15th 2002, Author: Marie-Laure Hermanche, Location: France
Analysis of the technical problems that forced Fred le Peutrec's trimaran Bayer CropScience to pull out of the Course des Phares recently, has resulted in the boat being confined to the yard for five weeks.

On May 28th last, a diagnosis revealed extensive cracking in the trimaran's aft crossbeam and the central hull. After various assessments carried out over the last few days, it appears that the crossbeam has suffered a real problem of resistance which led to a poor distribution of loads. An ultrasonic inspection revealed the presence of air bubbles indicating poor adherence of the honeycomb core to the carbon fibre skin, resulting from an anomaly that occurred during oven curing of this part of the trimaran. After unstepping the mast and hauling out, the trimaran Bayer CropScience will be taken to her new base in Saint Philibert near La Trinité-sur-Mer.

Inevitably disappointed with this setback, the managers of Bayer are above all concerned about the reliability of this new boat, only launched in March, and wish to devote whatever time is necessary on the repairs. Fred Le Peutrec, will personally follow the work to be carried out: "It's a serious problem", said the skipper, "but the clear identification of the issues now means that we can make adequate repairs. Finally, our misadventure at the start of the Course des Phares has at least meant that we detected this anomaly early enough not to jeopardise our main objective: the Route du Rhum".

The trimaran will be absent from the Grand Prix de Zeebrugge, buut should be back in the water by about July 20th. Frédéric Le Peutrec will then carry out his qualification for the Route du Rhum. Following that he will be in Fécamp for the Grand Prix there in September.

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