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Friday April 12th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: United Kingdom

Peter Harrison

The UK television rights for the America's Cup have finally been finalised and, no surprises, it is the BBC who have got the exclusive contract.

The BBC will be following the cmapaign from now until the racing this autumn. BBC2 will show live races and highlights while sports programme Grandstand will have reglar updates.

The BBC will also be making the most of the multi-media possibilities with the Cup and will track races and produce webcasts with members of the British team.
Andrew Thompson, Head of New Media, Sorts News and Development said "after th successes of the British team in the Olympics and the amazing exploits of Ellen MacArthur which captured the nation's im1agination, the America's Cup and the British challenges have all the potnetial to be a great British sporting moment at the end of the year."

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