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The Red Funnel Easter Regatta kicks off tomorrow...

Thursday March 28th 2002, Author: John Greenland, Location: United Kingdom
The Red Funnel Easter Regatta takes place over the three day Easter weekend. It is the event's 11th year and again the competition and weather look set to make for another great weekend of racing on the Solent. It's the perfect opportunity to blow the cobwebs off the boat and prepare for another action packed sailing season.

Entries for this weekend's Red Funnel Regatta

GBR521R Bear of Britain Kit Hobday/Tim Louis Farr 52
GBR1640R Too Steamy Nick & Anne Haigh Farr 40
GBR1107L El Gringo Nicholas Hartshorn Ker 11.3
GBR1106L Fair Do's V John Shepherd Ker 11.3
GBR1104L I-Site Robbie Cameron-Davies Ker 11.3
GBR1103L Kerisma Chris Bull Ker 11.3
GBR1105L Minnie the Moocher Anthony Richards Ker 11.3
  GBR10R 2XL David Murrin Farr 40
GBR52R Chernikeeff 2 Peter Harrison Mark Fitzgerald
GBR50 Mandrake Peter Morton Mills 50
GBR6690R Panther James Stableford Mumm 36
GBR1830 Royal Thames Royal Thames Yacht Club Mumm 30
GBR793R Panther AMG 1 Robert Greenhalgh Mumm 30
GBR7930R Panther AMG 2 Robert Greenhalgh Mumm 30
GBR124 Yeoman of Hamble David Aisher JV44 one-off
GBR4896R Assuage Terry & Sue Robinson Swan 48
IRL2003 Gloves Off Colm Barrington Corby 38
GBR1236 Hero Jonathan Iles Briand One-off, 12.1m
GBR940 Exabyte 2 Shaun Frohlich IMX 40
GBR1381R Fiver Colin Bishop Prima OD
GBR6513N Longbow Army Sailing Association Paul Anderson
GBR6510N Serendip Paul King Prima OD
GBR38R Born Slippy Julian Bates Prima OD
GBR6511N Closing Time David Riley/Andrew Yates Prima OD
GBR6500N Fat Diva Roger Lee Tara Barber
GBR9863 In X Celsis Peter Jones X 119
GBR6506N Fiona VIII David Geaves Prima OD
GBR667R Space Race Trevor Greening First 40.7
GBR5991T Cutting Edge Lutener / James / Elwood Mills 36
GBR6693T Fandango David Scanlan First 40.7
GBR1407R Shockwave Nick Lutte First 40.7
GBR2R Fastwave II ACP Sailing Chris Brown
GBR7381R Cougar Clipper Clipper Ventures Reflex 38
GBR9381R Intuition Lime Yachting Reflex 38
GBR7380R Lightning Reflex Geoffrey West Reflex 38
GBR7389R Walk on By Keith Passmore Reflex 38
GBR9020R Alvine XII Harry Evans Nigel Seabright
GBR4243T Jackdaw David Walters J 39 MOD
GBR7031T Sanguma Chris Walmsley Ker 31
GBR1404R Triple A With Flair Jim MacGregor Elan 40
GBR9030R Brightwork Simon Howell Richard Hulme
GBR665R Barking Mad Stuart Greenfield Swan 40
GBR7716R Psipsina John Loden HOD 35
GBR9359R Capitali$m Tim Harrington HOD 35
GBR7714R White Knight of Wessex James Neville HOD 35
GBR7824T Bump in the Night Duncan Morris First 36.7
GBR9095R Alchemist Colin Baldwin X 362 Sport
IRL811 Aztec Malcolm Goodall Mills 32
GBR1N Monstar of Five Star Five Star Sailing Sunfast 37
GBR7532R Xpletive Richard Willetts X 332
GBR8336 Bellerophon of Wight Amanda Bradbeer Sigma 38
GBR8311 Billy Whizz Ivan Fawcett Sigma 38
GBR8287 Euphorix Joanna Martin Sigma 38
GBR3800T Flying Formula Penny Haire Sigma 38
GBR8367 Red Arrow RAF Sailing Association Sigma 38
GBR8354 Supernatural Brocklebank / Coull / Cahill David Brocklebank
GBR6797T Exabyte Shaun Frohlich X 332
GBR9294R Moby J Mark Franklin J 92
GBR7332R X-tosea Steve Maine/Jody Windmiller X 332
GBR1337R Thunderflash Royal Logistics Corps YC Mark Bouch
GBR7100T White Lightning Michael Holmes Projection 762
GBR5464T Guinevere HMS Sultan (RN) Andrew Goodman
GBR9928 Software Mistress Ian Maclean Sigma 362
GBR9664R Penultima Stewart Broughton Sunfast 32
GBR1169T Excalibur Mike & June Tong Tamara 30
GBR2588R Drakes Drum Go Sail Terry Rowe
GBR5324 J Livingston Seagull Keith Gibbs/ Anthony Miles Hustler 32

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