London and Honkers come on board

Two new cities sign up for boat sponsorship in Clipper's 2002 round the world race

Friday January 25th 2002, Author: MHL, Location: United Kingdom
Trade groups from London and Hong Kong have announced their participation in the Clipper 2002 Round The World Yacht Race, with London Clipper and Hong Kong Clipper respectively. This makes it six out of eight boats filled for Sir Robin Knox-Johnston's latest round the world race which starts this October from Liverpool. The other four boats are Liverpool, Cape Town, Bristol, Glasgow, while two are yet to become public.

London First chief executive Stephen O’Brien commented: "This is a great opportunity to champion London as one of the world’s leading business and financial centres and one of the best places in which to live, work and visit. Clipper 2002 visits a number of the world’s existing and developing commercial centres and we’ll be taking full advantage of the many promotional opportunities to get these messages across."

Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, added: "London is a world city whose influence resonates around the globe. I’m sure Londoners will get behind their team and share my hope that London Clipper will lead the way in this international race."

The director-general of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in London, Andrew Leung, comments: "We are delighted with this opportunity to promote Hong Kong internationally as Asia’s world city. Our participation in Clipper 2002 will help to further the development of Hong Kong as Asia's leading tourist destination and location for regional and international businesses - and will enable us to market the region’s tremendous appeal overseas. Hong Kong has earned its international reputation as a leading and highly efficient commercial and financial centre, so we welcome the chance to explore new and expanding markets around the world."

The director-general of investment promotion at Invest Hong Kong, Mike Rowse, added: "It is most fitting that out team will be on the start line for Clipper 2002 and that the international Clipper fleet will once again visit Hong Kong - the gateway to China and the Asian region for international companies. I’m confident Hong Kong Clipper will prove to be an effective promotion vehicle for us to establish contacts with business communities in every port-of-call and provide us with networking opportunities with other top-level corporate sponsors."

Sir Robin Knox-Johnston, chairman of Clipper Ventures plc, commented: "This is the first time we have invited international cities to participate in the race and we are delighted by the response. Hong Kong is one of the world’s greatest ports, one its most distinctive cities and most vibrant business centres. Political changes have not disturbed its progress, and we are pleased that Invest Hong Kong has chosen the Clipper 2002 Round the World Yacht Race to promote the city’s burgeoning attractions. It is also pleasing that Hong Kong will once again be an important host port and will help us celebrate the halfway point of the race.

"In the Clipper 2000 race, London Clipper contested the lead and finished a creditable third. It was, in addition, an extremely confident, resourceful and adaptable crew. I know London First would like to improve on that result and demonstrate to the world that qualities such as confidence, resourcefulness and adaptability can be found in London in abundance. I believe both the London and Hong Kong Clipper crews will become tremendous role models for their sponsors."

Speaking to investors about the values of these sponsorship deals to Clipper Ventures plc, Sir Robin said: "If all the yacht-based sponsorship opportunities are secured, the two deals could generate revenues of over £500,000. This would be good business for the company. London and Hong Kong are both regional powerhouses and we expect our relationship with them to lead to other, attractive opportunities."

London First and Invest Hong Kong will each be helping to find ten local companies prepared to sponsor their yachts to the tune of £25,000. In return, the sponsors will be offered a host of advertising and promotional opportunities connected with the yacht and with the race’s host ports worldwide.

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