All change

In just one day, everything has changed in the Volvo Ocean race fleet

Friday February 1st 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic

From Gurra Krantz comes an insight into the pressures of being both a father and a skipper.

Daddy, could you please get some speed on that boat?

The toughest one is always to explain to your loved ones, why and how the situation has changed. I made a phone call to my six year old daughter Emma this morning and explained that I missed her.

She answered by asking in what position we were. I tried again to talk about how much I looked forward to seeing her. She responded by asking if we were still in the lead. I realized I was trapped and admitted to her that we had lost the lead. Again she would not let go and asked in what position we were. I told her that we had lost out to a few boats and were now in sixth place and then, I added that I hoped to see her very soon.

There was a short silence and then she said, "Daddy, could you please get some speed on that boat?"

I mean, what do you do? At least she could have pretended she cared more about me than the race and the boat...

We did lose a lot in the passage of the [cold weather] front. We came out of it too far north and will struggle to hang on to the leading boats. It will be interesting to see what will happen to Amer Sports One in the following skeds, as she is the most radical boat on a northerly route. Tyco and News Corp played it well and have better wind direction in the south. A wet fetch for many hours now. That lovely 080 true wind angle. A long way to go yet.

Gurra Krantz
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