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In just one day, everything has changed in the Volvo Ocean race fleet

Friday February 1st 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic

From News Corp , Alby Pratt gives an insight into the smaller things in life
Racked out in the palace

We are now 5 days into the leg and aboard Team News Corp life is good and conditions are excellent. Compared to the last two starts out of Cape Town and Sydney where we have been hard on the wind in a lot of breeze, this restart has been a dream run. The light running conditions that we have been sailing in since we rounded East Cape, have allowed us to settle into life onboard and get into the watch routine of sailing, eating and sleeping very quickly.

Life down below has picked up where we left off and everyone is back into their little routines. Justin continues to leave his clothing strewn around the boat from bow to stern; Shreda [Damien Duke] has little bits of Powerbars or minute packs of nuts stashed into every nook and Barney Walker has taken up his normal prized bunk in the very stern. This bunk, because of its position at the very back, is the darkest and quietest, which allows for the best sleeping. At the start of every leg someone will say that they are having that bunk this leg, but when the time comes it is "The Barn" who is racked out in the palace.

The navigation team of Nick White and Steve Hayles are saying that by midnight tonight we should be in about 30kts of wind, so I better make the most of the easy conditions whilst they are here, as it looks like the conditions are only going to deteriorate from here.

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