Tyco off the hook

Shoebridge to have his pocket money stopped.

Wednesday January 9th 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Australasia
The rules used by the Jury were:

SH SI 43.2: 'When in the vicinity of 370 15' South but not later than 1 hour after crossing 370 15' South, if a boat is able to meet all the requirements of SI 43.1, the boat shall call ACS Race Control on the Race Frequency and make the following report: '

SH SI 43.3: 'Boats that do not comply with the requirements of SI 43.1 and 43.2 and continue racing shall be recorded DNF'

Racing Rule 61.3 Protest Time Limit: 'A protest by a boat shall be delivered to the race office no later than the time limit stated in the sailing instructions. The protest committee shall extend the time if there is good reason to do so.'

Standard Sailing Instruction 10.3: 'RRS 61.2 and 61.3 are amended in that protests shall be written on the form provided and it shall be handed to the Director of Race Operations within 24 hours of the protesting boat finishing the leg to which the protest applies.'

Volvo Ocean Race Leg 3 SI 300.19 COMMUNICATIONS. 300.19.1: 'For the period of the Leg from the Start in Sydney until the Hobart Pitstop Finishing Line, boats shall comply with SHYR Sailing Instructions.'

Volvo Ocean Race Standard Sailing Instruction 1.7: '1.7.1 Racing Rules of Sailing 64.1(a) is amended to permit the International Jury to invoke penalties other than disqualification.' '1.7.2 'The International Jury may use the alternative penalties listed below (a) infringements from which no boats' position in the Race was affected: No penalty or fine up to £1,000'

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