Mark Rudiger diary

Assa Abloy's navigator sends his thoughts from the South Atlantic
Well here we are racing up the coast of South America. Just five days ago we were focusing on survival in the Southern Ocean, and cold was the adjective of the day. My main focus then was to keep the crew and boat safe, and make sure we rounded the Horn within passing distance of the fleet with boat and crew in fighting order. Every other sentence was how far to the Horn... Now that we have achieved that goal and the Horn is behind us, we are once again racing for boat lengths sometimes and trying to make sense of the complex weather patterns that prevail in this part of the world. Back during our rounding, we looked at the option of going East of the Falklands, but decided it would be a gamble, and that the West and North would win out in the end. Now that we are surfing along in the southwesterly, it feels better. In fact the latest sked just came in and we gained 15 miles on djuice and Amer One to the east of us and a few on the rest in our group. Go Assa Abloy! Last night we started peeling off the first layer of thermals put on almost two weeks ago. Three more layers to go, then we'll be fighting for shade and waiting for nightfall to escape the burning inferno. In the last race, Cayard once asked me after this leg if I had the choice, would I want to go by ice or by fire. For me, as much as I hate cold, I would still take it over extreme heat. Which means we'll enjoy a few days in between. Magnus and I were just looking at the large scale chart, and it hit us that when we approach Rio, we