Admiral's Cup 2003

Ed Gorman was at RORC for the announcement of the revamped 'world championship of offshore racing'

Wednesday January 9th 2002, Author: Ed Gorman, Location: United Kingdom
Peter Rutter, commodore of the RORC, hinted that debate in the Steering Group had been spirited on many issues, as one might expect given the wide variety of views on what was wrong with the old format and what might be done to revive the AC. "In finalising the details of the new format, the RORC entered a comprehensive consultation process and, whilst not everyone supported each individual detail of the package, a clear concensus did emerge," said Rutter. "What has also been discovered was that there remained a large body of experienced international competitors who were vociferous in backing our efforts to find a fresh approach and to restore the Club's premier event to international pre-eminence," he added.

Don Genitempo a long time supporter of the AC and former United States winning team manager, gave enthusiastic backing to the choice of the IMS 600 class in his capacity as chairman of the ISAF Offshore Classes sub-committee. "The class provides a large existing base of active yachts from which to form a team and, being a dual purpose production yacht, entry into the class is easy and affordable," said Genitempo.

He added that he had identified over 270 yachts eligible for inclusion in the class and noted that IMS 600 fleets are currently organised in Spain, Portugal, Italy and Scandanavia with the process also underway in Germany, Holland and South America.

Below (left to right): RORC Commodore Peter Rutter, Racing Manager Janet Grosvenor and Irish Minister for Marine and Natural Resources, Frank Fahey, TD

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