Once more into the South

Orange has passed through a high pressure ridge that has slowed their progress

Sunday April 7th 2002, Author: James Boyd, Location: Transoceanic
From on board Orange Nick Moloney writes:
Feeling the effect of the ridge and the wind has dropped considerably. Now we are now until big gennaker and full main, still doing about 15knots just south of NE course. We are expecting northerly winds to begin filling in tomorrow afternoon and hopefully then we will be on our bike again.

We should make slow progress over the next 24 hours or so. This we will treat as a chance to dry out the boat and crew and catch up on some maintenance in the event of harsh conditions as we get closer to Cape Horn.

All's well, but some of the lads are suffering from skin irritations from being in wet weather gear for so long and there's a bit of tendanitis in some joints. Generally everyone is well and strong and there are no real dramas for now.

Orange is in great shape from what we can tell and see - she stinks a bit though. During daylight tomorrow we will give her a good wash down.

We're starting to see small effects of the distance travelled in her - patches of antifouling wearing thin, a few rust stains plus a couple of scars here and there.

It's great to cross the tramp without having to clip on for the dash whilst the helmsman wrestles her deep to slow down. It's wild sometimes - you just clip on and make a run for it. There's lots of luck involved with water flying all about the place. It's great entertainment when someone takes it on, risking a good soaking without wearing their jacket.

We've just got to keep moving along and hopefully we won't lose too much time on the record during this weather transition.

Everyone's taking punts at how many days its going to take us to get to the horn...then how many in the Atlantic.

It's my birthday on the 5th May and my guess is that we will finish then.

Not much else going on other than monitoring weather and everyone crossing those finger and toes.


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