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Saturday April 6th 2002, Author: John Greenland, Location: Transoceanic
Just a quicky cos there's a queue...

Late last night about midnight local we crossed the half way point in Longitude. Very special moment for us all. A different mindset by everybody already. Progress has been great but this morning the squalls lost there punch and the wind is shifting into the West and dropping in strength.

Currently full main and spinnaker sailing vmg (velocity made good) downwind. Favouring the north due to a high pressure system that we will need to negotiate in the next day or so. Were re more than likely looking at a reasonable period of strong upwind conditions.

Onto my third set of wet weather clothing after the zip of my drysuit began leaking.

Had some great sailing over the past 2 days, safe and very fast. Able to keep charging through the night which is good for the daily run.

Sometimes feel like I am getting a cold so I am hoping I am wrong.

Incredible clear sky for half of our watch last night which was as usual Spectacular. Its amazing how bright the stars are at sea without land lights taking away there sharp edges. I think any city lover would be surprised how many are actually up there if they were to head far off shore and gaze for a bit.

Great image this morning. I was at the helm running deep to keep speed down while Pepeche worked on the tack of the Spi. I was always watching him, making sure that I did not sweep him off with a wave. It suddenly occured to me that the swells are huge. I was watching this figure decend metres and meters down walls of water, the back faces of the waves infront and then soar sky ward as as sterns dipped in the troughs and our bows pushed up the wave. I was quite a sight.

Happy to be watching our westerly latitude reduce ever hour. Its an amazing tour. One that I will be a little sad to finish its a little crazy, sometime feel like I could stay out here forever, but theres a goal and the clock is ticking so we need to keep, pushing the miles aside.

One day I may do this without a goal or a destination.


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