News Corp loses rudder...

Last night Jez Fanstone's News Corp were the third V.O.60 to lose their rudder...

Friday February 15th 2002, Author: John Greenland, Location: Transoceanic
Amer Sports Too's Lisa McDonald... has Neal sent an email!

It makes me laugh, these girls are some of the world’s toughest female sailors who have just emerged from dodging icebergs at mock speeds in the depths of the Southern Ocean.

Valentine’s Day rolls around and one by one, as the emails from loved ones come in, they go soft as putty and for a brief moment collapse into a puddle of emotional mush.

It's the little things which make the world go round out here; our team has received little love notes from all corners of the world and as near as 400 nautical miles away.  There is not often time to think of home, family or friends while racing, and knowing that they are there following our every pace to the next port is what keeps us going.

For those of you who have sent your valentines luvs...  well done blokes.

For those of you who haven't yet, you've got 12 hours left of time on GMT, so make a girl happy.  Only for a moment though, we've got boats to catch...

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