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illbruck extends (again) as the fleet charge toward Miami...

Sunday March 24th 2002, Author: John Greenland, Location: Transoceanic
From Amer Sports One Jeff Brock writes...

We are no longer reaching thru life, changing sail after sail with every small shift. We are in the land of familiar Caribbean trades with our favorite kite up and slightly squared and heading towards the barn door [finish].

It was also a bit of a laundry day to day as well, when the helicopter gave us a visit, it would have seemed we where totally unorganised and in total disarray, but, believe it or not we were drying sails that had been stacked for close to 10 days, I promise. It has been a bit of a parade from the fluky doldrums clouds and not many passing lanes up until this point where we may have some between here and the Bahamas.

Stranger things have happened than the leaders being passed in the final stages of a long leg that seemed set in stone, we saw it quite clearly on the last leg. So that is what we have in mind in the days to come.

A big day for sea-life around the Amer Sports One, it seems we promote airtime. I have seen a lot of dolphins in my time, but never with so much vertical pace, these boys had some serious fun, and wanted us to see every bit of it. I could honestly say 30ft might have been the record of the launch-fest with a beautiful back floppy and a crazy tail wiggle to finish. Now the humpback on a slower note was aiming to please as well but could not quite get her tail out of the water but tried her best.

Spotted by Freddy [Loof] 'who is still looking for icebergs’ on our windward quarter, just 100m away, a 50ft humper [humpback whale] breached for joy. I say she was horny and looking for action, Freddy says she was just plain itchy and had to have a scratch, Pete [Pendleton] said that’s the same thing nucklehead...  Spirits are up and we are on our way back to the states, for me that has been 10 months, so I am looking forward to it all.

Now I am off for a sweet moonlight watch.

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