Final thoughts from Ellen MacArthur on the Vendee Globe

Ellen talks about pressures and the onboard management of her life on board Kingfisher
Ellen already occupies a privileged place in the heart of the French, a place important for her, that she is very grateful for. Here Ellen and her Kingfisher plc team talk about how she is handling the pressure and general mental attitude, the knowledge of her boat, and the onboard management of her life on board. On the management of her mental well-being: "I don't feel under pressure from the media, my team has managed this really well for me, as well as the preparation generally of the boat - in fact since the launch. I don't think I am more sought after than the other skippers. I don't see interviews as a problem - it is thanks to the media in fact, that I am able to share this dream with thousands of people, including the 130,000 employees of Kingfisher Group, the public that come to the pontoons searching for a glimpse or an autograph, and above all the children from the hospitals to whom I dedicate my adventure" "I don't consider myself to have either advantage or disadvantage over the male skippers. I am a woman on a boat, and the day things go wrong, I accept its my fault - I never use the excuse its because I'm a woman ! " "I was a preparateur of a boat for the Vendee in 1996, and from that point on my determination to make the start of this race has driven me on every hour of the day." "My aim is to make the finishing line, but I will certainly be pushing for a good position - but firstly, I want to finish" On her experience as a sailor and on 'Kingfisher' "I am ready, but its going to be tough !" "I have already sailed more than 23,000 miles on this boat, and have