From the Feedback - 1st November 2000

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Anyone can join in with our From the Feedback features, all you have to do is click on the blue question link at the bottom of each article, or hit the My Feedback button at the top of every page. Tell us what you think, and don't feel you have to wait for us or someone else to get around to a topic. If something is steaming you up in your class, club or pub - let us know. We'll be publishing the choicest moments from the stuff you send us - but each contribution may or may not be subjected to a rigorous process of editing for language, taste and imparted wisdom. And of course, as they so famously say at the start of anything like this, the opinions expressed in From the Feedback do not necessarily reflect those of the management, staff or investors of Instead, and much more importantly, they reflect your views. From Matthew Barton In response to your question are the International 14s developing fast enough? - from my point of view as someone who has always sailed one designs, currently an RS600, I would have thought that the biggest danger to a development class would be to develop too fast, thereby grandfathering much of the fleet far too quickly. Looking in on the 14 fleet as someone keen to get one, the prospect of an arms race is not appealing. But being able to race people in broadly similar designs (Ovi 1, Ovi 2, Morrison 8, Beiker 2 etc) of this awsome boat is appealing. From some Spice Addicts If you're gonna have a trapeze, you may as well have two .... If you're gonna have an asymmetric, you may as well have a big'n! My brother and I have been sailing our second-hand Spice all summer