Ian Pinnell just keeps clocking up those titles

Ian Pinnell took time out after his win at the Enterprise Worlds to have a quick word with MadforSailing
Ian Pinnell, the new Enterprise World and UK National Champion, continues to race in this long lived class, despite a drop in the depth of competition. A previous winner of the Enterprise Worlds in 1992, he has also won four national Enterprise titles. For somebody who competes at the highest level in technical classes such as the Fireball, 505 and Mumm 30, it may seem odd that he continues to compete in the low key Enterprise. But Ian told us that while the class may no longer provide the depth of competition it once did, the attraction of the Enterprise is that the class still offers good tactical racing, 'The simply rigged boats provide very even competition, without the great speed differentials of some other classes.' That was certainly the case in the recent World and UK National Championships, where his lead was only one point on the final day. A match race situation seemed on the cards with the other contender Richard Estaugh. As things turned out a poor start by Estaugh put him in the fifties up the first beat, and he decided to retire. Ian had been keeping a close eye on Estaugh and was in the forties. With his only rival heading for the shore, Ian followed him in, reasoning that with the small speed differentials in the prevailing wind, it was impossible to reach a competitive position that would improve his score. Ian's involvement in other classes provides more intense international competition. Already this year he has travelled to the Fireball Worlds in Thailand, where he was runner up, and only work pressures will prevent him sailing in the UK Nationals this year. He has already won the 505 French Championship and the UK Inlands, plus most of the 505 Opens so far this year. Next, he will