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The Volvo fleet has turned to head for Barbuda

Saturday March 16th 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: Transoceanic
The view from Amer Sports One by Chris Nicholson

Sitting here writing this email we find ourselves in 7th position with the girls in sight behind us. Obviously not our desired position but one in which we will pull ourselves out of. For me this race has been full of extremes, from having the best and the worst times of your life, freezing, hair raising Southern Ocean rides and now equatorial heat and a distinct lack of breeze. It certainly likes to play havoc on your mind and body, but I truly believe it is a very rewarding race.

As we are approaching the equator our thought are increasingly turning to Freddy Loof (aka food thief). It is his first equator crossing and King Neptune I feel will have delight in seeing him. Freddy had a big day today, whilst making himself a strawberry protein shake he happened to spill it completely over the floor- not a big drama but one you don't whish to clean up. Freddy then heads into his second shake and doesn't seal the lid on when he begins to shake and sends the entire concoction all over himself. Problem for Freddy on this one is that we only have 13 shakes each on this leg but I imagine Freddy with his appetite will find some from somewhere.

On the daily grind the smallest of items can be of amusement. Our world famous chef onboard (I have not found out who he is) forgot to take on board the strainer for the pasta so I suggested that we use some cloth to strain the water through. Next thing I noticed was Claudio [Celon] (one of our Italian sailors onboard) straining the pasta through his top, I only hope he doesn't wear it through the day and use it in the kitchen in the evening.

For us the race continues and we have a long way to go with a lot of opportunities for gains to be made. Keep an eye on us as we fight to the end.

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