Nick Rogers

Britain's Olympic 470 helmsman talked to madforsailing about coming fourth at the Olympics
After winning three golds and two silver medals, there will be some serious celebrating going on for Team GBR tonight. But we shouldn't forget the people that won't bring home a medal: John Derbyshire and the team of support crews and coaches; Nick Dempsey and Christine Johnston in the Mistral; Hugh Styles and Adam May, sixth in the Tornado; Andy Beadsworth, Barry Parkin and Richard Sydenham, who had to cope with a bad day at just the wrong moment in the Soling match racing; and Nick Rogers and Joe Glanfield - just a point away from Bronze in the 470. Madforsailing spoke to the man who came so close. mfs - You’ve done brilliantly here, but fourth is the cruellest of positions to finish in the Olympics, do you feel proud of what you’ve achieved? NR - Yes, I do feel proud of what we’ve done. We’ve worked really hard and fourth is better than fifth and better than sixth and that’s good - but I do also feel gutted. The only consolation is that we didn’t really lose it, so much as someone else won it, and that is a big consolation. If we’d sailed badly in the last race it would be worse. That's the one that counts in my mind, because you’re given your result, and the last race is when you have to do the job with what you’ve got. Although some people say, well, what about the other races earlier? But for me it was the last race and we didn’t throw it away. We did everything we could and he managed to take it off us. mfs - In effect, you beat him on the water and he had a bit of a lucky break and got that extra place at the end, is