Foot and mouth update - 0730 - 3/3/01

madforsailing's latest update on the closure of sailing clubs around the country

Saturday March 3rd 2001, Author: Sian Cowen, Location: United Kingdom
Many thanks to those of you who have kept us updated on a bleak situation. These are the latest reports in from madforsailing readers and our own in-house research. We have included previous reports on subsequent pages, but please note that some of this information has been superseded by news on this page.
British waterways have closed all their facilities, canals and reservoirs, nationwide to fishing ,boating and sailing. Many canal boats have been forced to stay put.

Grafham has been officially shut today, whilst Pitsford was yesterday. Rutland's closure could also be imminent.

Here are details of other clubs and areas that are affected:

Staines SC
Staines Sailing Club who are on the river have opened their doors to Queen Mary's sailing Club's staff so that they are able to keep their office running. They can be contacted on 01784 455887. They will be at the Dinghy Exhibition this weekend.

Hollowell SC
Unfortunately Hollowell is closed for sailing for the immediate future although AGM will proceed as planned on March 4th 2001.

Cheddar Reservoir
Cheddar reservoir is now closed. Laser national training has been cancelled.

Rugby Sailing Club
Due to an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in Northamptonshire, Drayton Reservoir has been closed. The Enterprise Open Meeting planned for 18th March 2001 is cancelled.

Chelmarsh SC
The club has been closed to sailors for two weekends. This means the St David's day Regatta on 4 March and the Laser Open on 11 March will have to be re-run later in the year.

Farmoor Reservoir
Sailors are unable to gain access to Farmoor Reservoir in Oxford.

Fishers Green SC
The Essex club has been closed.

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