From the Feedback - 16th November

The ISAF decisions have been bothering our feedback writers
Anyone can join in with our From the Feedback features, all you have to do is click on the blue question link at the bottom of each article, or hit the My Feedback button at the top of every page. Tell us what you think, and don't feel you have to wait for us or someone else to get around to a topic. If something is steaming you up in your class, club or pub - let us know. We'll be publishing the choicest moments from the stuff you send us - but each contribution may or may not be subjected to a rigorous process of editing for language, taste and imparted wisdom. And of course, as they so famously say at the start of anything like this, the opinions expressed in From the Feedback do not necessarily reflect those of the management, staff or investors of Instead, and much more importantly, they reflect your views. From Ian Smith I am now on my second RS200, sailing with either of my two daughters as crew (they were the ones who persuaded me to buy the boat). This is a great boat even on the smaller inland ponds, and one which, in our opinion, should replace the Hobie 405 as a youth boat. Although it doesn't have a trapeze it does give youngsters asymmetric experience at clubs where asymmetric trapeze boats like the 405 are not an option. Contrary to your tester's opinions you do need to keep an eye on the boat's fittings and ropes if you use the boat hard - the blocks wear out and the halyards let go without warning, so a regular check over is essential. The racing circuits are excellent as is the friendly spirit within the class. The Northern scene is also going from strength