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The leading boats in the Volvo fleet are getting a sniff of the big breeze to come

Wednesday January 30th 2002, Author: Peter Bentley, Location: United Kingdom
Email from Grant Dalton aboard Amer Sports One

Best Prepared Since England

It's hard to believe that the Southern Ocean is just around the corner with the nice warm conditions that we are now enjoying. We have had the opportunity also for some good two boat testing, for both upwind and reaching [courses]. It appears that we are at least on the pace and at times, feel that we have an edge, but really there is nothing in it and the boats are still tightly bunched.

Everyone is headed south as fast as they can, to skirt around the high pressure. The only question has been how hard to dive, as it creates more miles but gives better breeze.

We have settled in now after a couple of days, eating, sleeping and being on watch and have resumed our normal mode after a lot of short tacking yesterday and on the start day. Paul [Cayard] has settled in easily and is combining well with Roger [Nilson]. The boat feels the best it has been prepared since the start in England, so time will tell. I guess that is the story on the other boats as well, though, as everyone gets to grips with the race. I look around me at the small things that we have done since the last Southern Ocean leg. We are blessed with a great shore crew who have this boat now close to sorted out.

Bring it on..

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