Team Philips survives Atlantic gales

Goss finds some respite during tough sea trials

Wednesday December 6th 2000, Author: Andy Rice, Location: United Kingdom
Team Philips has ventured further into the North Atlantic, and by 10 am Wednesday, 6th December, had come out of the strong breeze and into a zone of light airs 490 miles west of the Stornaway in the Hebrides.
The Goss boat has been recording speeds of 5-8 knots in light airs of 4-7 knots, although the sea state was still rough from the night before, when winds peaked at 40 knots. The crew is said to be delighted with the catamaran’s performance in a whole range of conditions. With seven on board, they are operating a watch system of four on deck and three below.

Team Philips’ marketing and communications manager Vicky Williams told madforsailing that the boat’s next destination remained unclear. "We won't know that until they get there," she commented.

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